With over 75 years of combined experience in education, we are true advocates for leaders and teachers



We focus on enhancing teacher effectiveness and student achievement through research-based practices



Our consultants help schools rise to the next level with instructional coaching and school culture professional development



We support school and organizational leadership with designing or enhancing their literacy program

About Us

  • Our Company

    Education Is Power Consulting offers school leaders and teachers a reliable, high-quality resource for literacy coaching, professional development and curriculum development support on both a local and national scale. We provide information and strategies to help support students in under-resourced communities, serving both traditional public and charter schools.
  • Who We Are

    We are industry specialists focused on working with individual schools and districts to provide customized professional development and coaching services that improve teacher effectiveness and student performance.
  • What We Do

    We spend time in the classroom one-on-one with teachers or with small groups helping them apply skills in a safe-space environment. Our coaches help teachers optimize the tools already available to them in a manner that achieves better results, and we conduct group facilitation in an engaging and active style. Whether you need support with small or large groups, we can provide you with the assistance you need.
  • Why Choose Us

    We build relationships with our clients. Every opportunity to work with administrators, literacy coaches and teachers is a chance to improve the quality of education in the most under-served communities. We firmly believe that a child’s zip code is not a determinant of their potential.
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Focus on Human Capital

Supports schools that are committed to investing time and resources into developing the skills of its instructional staff


Utilize Student Data

Supports schools with a commitment to using formative data and trends from summative data to inform on-going instruction


Establish a Culture of High Expectations

Supports schools with a commitment to building the capacity and expectations of instructional staff in order to raise the rigor of instruction and resources within the classroom

Our Techniques

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  • AnchoringTheWork
  • SettingExpectations
  • StudentEngagement
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  • Work Details In order to create a classroom environment that embodies rigorous and intentional learning, it is essential to first
  • Work Details Research has demonstrated that engaging students in the learning process increases their attention, motivates students to practice the
  • Work Details Anchor charts build a culture of learning in the classroom, as teachers and students make thinking visible. This

How We Can Help

At Education Is Power Consulting, we build relationships and work with you to close the achievement gap in America. We provide school leaders (principals, assistant principals, literacy coaches, academic deans, teacher leaders) with the support and professional development required to build their capacity as industry professionals.


Professional Development

We work with school leaders and teachers in small group or one-on-one coaching sessions. The interactive approach combines learning a skill, follow-up support and feedback with implementation.


Data Walks

Using data to identify school-wide trends, we work with school leaders to observe instructional practices that contribute to the academic growth and challenges students encounter.


Curriculum Development

We will develop Read Aloud, Shared Reading curriculum guides for teacher instruction. We can also align current curriculum programs to CCSS and along the developmental continuum of literacy.


Leadership Coaching

We assist leadership to become literacy leaders within their school. This will help guide literacy goals and next steps, provide focused feedback around literacy skills and strategies, and provide effective support to build teacher capacity.


Teacher Coaching

We provide teachers with the tools for effective literacy instruction to students. Sessions give teachers the content knowledge, skills and strategies to support students along the developmental continuum. They also offer a common language and understanding of literacy to discuss and build reliability across the school.


Professional Learning Communities

We support school leadership with developing school-wide, small-group learning communities that help support and sustain literacy development and implementation.


Staff Recruitment

We will work in conjunction with school leadership to actively recruit, facilitate preliminary interviews with qualified candidates for instructional positions.

Meet Kanika

  • With over 15 years of experience in urban education, Kanika Mobley is a true advocate for teachers and leaders. Her commitment to student achievement and closing the achievement gap is what ultimately led her to create Education Is Power Consulting. Read More
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Our Clients

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